Loan Payment Services

Loan Payment

We at Bacchat Wallet provides loan payment services for you where you can fill EMI’s of your customer. Leading digital wallet and services provider of online payment services in India. Convenient and easy way to Loan Payment Services for your starting business or any kind of need. You can choose from a wide range of methods, and always pay your EMIs on time.

We offer Loan Re-Payment Services home loan, Personal Loan and Car Loan at the best rate interest for the comfort of the customers. You can make your Loan Re-Payment Services quickly and easily through our Bacchat Wallet. If you need any help related to our services we are here for you 24 hours customer support you can contact us any time freely.

You can authorize direct debit of your payments from your bank account, or transfer funds online. You can even pay cash via a Loan payment channel partner. Just make sure you pay on time because that is important to maintain a good credit score.

Make a Loan Payment

Save yourself time and postage each month. Make your Community Bacchat Wallet loan payment online – from your computer or smartphone.

  • • Pay with your savings or checking account (or by debit card for Guest User only)
  • • Guest users can make one-time or future dated payments
  • • Payments are processed same-day
  • • Registered users can set up automatic payments to pay your loan or pay as you go

You will require the following detail to make a payment:

  • • Your Community Bachat Wallet loan account number
  • • The checking or savings account number from which you wish to make your payment
  • • Debit card information for Guest User only
  • • The routing number for your checking or savings account