Mini ATM Machine


ATM is an Automated teller machine. It's a form of banking outlet in electronic form that does not require a branch representative or any teller to complete the basic transactions. There are basically two kinds of ATM machines 1 which could simply be used for withdrawing cash while the other machines can accept the deposit along with cash withdrawal and repaying the credit payments. Nowadays in urban cities, you can find ATMs within a radius of a kilometer approximately but, they are rarely found in small cities and villages. But, there was a whole lot of lawlessness inside the Country lately because of demonetization but then our government launched this new approach to subtle the situation called Mini ATM Machine. Although these machines somewhat look like a swiping card machine, in reality, these machines stand the capability to offer the common people with basic banking facilities. These machines can grow to be most useful for the human beings of remote/rural areas where ATM machines can’t be installed.

With MINI ATM, provide your customers with an easy cash withdrawal facility from the benefit of your store. With our bank approved money-withdrawal feature, open up new avenues for your business. At the swipe of your customer's card, offer them with cash, just like an ATM. Simply put, your (POS)Point of Sale device doubles up as ATM, vending cash as much as accepting card payments.

Wireless mini Atm cum card swipe machine. Work with Sim and wifi. Easy to carry and operate. Grow your business with the Bacchat swipe machine. Accept payments easily and secure anytime-anywhere.