Ticket Booking Service

Ticket Booking

Bacchat Wallet is providing a complete solution for Ticket booking services in our system so that our retailers can provide Ticket booking services to their customers effectively. By using our Ticket Booking Service, our retailers can get attracts more customers of different needs by providing different solutions in one place. We offer a ticket booking service, through which you can easily book a bus, hotel and travels ticket for your Customer.

Our website is dedicated to finding you the best ways for booking tickets online provided by Bacchat Wallet. Save your time and energy with easy online ticket booking. No need to stand in long queues. Get online, book your ticket and make your life comfortable. It is very keen to provide discounts and special offers to all its customers. If you have an issue with the tickets as offered for sale by us contact the promoter directly.

If you have further queestions, contact Customer Service 1800 120 221 010 for assistance.